Digital Multimeters
Digital Oscilloscopes
RIGOL DS5000-Series / Dual Channel, Bandwidth:
200-MHz (DS5202CA)
150-Mhz (DS5152CA,DS5152C, DS5152MA, DS5152M)
100-Mhz (DS5102CA,DS5102C, DS5102MA, DS5102M)
60-Mhz (DS5062CA,DS5062C, DS5062MA, DS5062M)
40-Mhz (DS5042M)
25-Mhz (DS5022M)
4k/Channel Memory Depth
Mono/Color LCD Display 320*240 resolution
Real-time Sample Rate
1GSa/s (DS5000CA series, DS5000MA series)
250MSa/s (DS5000C series, DS5000M series)
50GSa/s equivalent Sample Rate
Automatic setup of the front panel
20 Automatic measurements,Auto Calibaration
Storage 10 Waveforms, 10 setups
Delayed Scan Fucntion, XY-PLOT
Build-in FFT function, Frequency Counter
Digital filter, includes LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF
50 ohm / 1 Mohm Input Impedance select.(Certain models
ONLY, see related section)
Pass/Fail Function,Trigger on Edger, Video, Pulse width
Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Mathematic Functions
Multiple Language User Interface
Accesories already included in the package
Two 1.5 meter, 1:1 and 10:1 probes
Power cable for country of destination
User Manual, Warranty and Registration Form
Options available
EM5-CM Communications functions (RS232 and GPIB)
Pass/Fail Output Function
EM5-COM Communications modeule (Rs232, GPIB)
EM5-P/F Pass/Fail Output Function
Accessories Bag : PA-5000
RIGOL DS1000-Series / Dual Channel, Bandwidth:
100 MHz (DS1102CD, DS1102C, DS1102MD, DS1102M)
60 MHz (DS1062CD, DS1062C, DS1062MD, DS1062M)
40 MHz (DS1042CD, DS1042C, DS1042MD, DS1042M)
25 MHz (DS1022CD, DS1022C, DS1022MD, DS1022M)
Optional 16 digital channels (Mixed signal oscilloscope), each
channel can be turned on or off independently, or in a 8 bit group
Mono/Color TFT LCD Display at 320*234 resolution
USB storage and printing supports, firmware upgradeable via USB
Adjustable waveform intensity, more effective waveform viewing
One-touch automatic setup fort ease of use (AUTO)
Saves 10 Waveforms, 10 setups, support CSV and bitmap format
Newly designed Delayed Scan Function, easy to give attention to
both details and overview of a waveform
20 Automatic measurements, Automatic cursor tracking measurements
Waveform recorder, record and replay dynamic waveforms
User selectable fast offset calibration
Built-in FFT function, Frequency Counter
Digital filters, includes LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF
Pass/Fail Function, optically isolated Pass/Fail output
Add, Subtract and Multiply Mathematic Functions
Advanced trigger types include: Edge, Video, Pulse width, Slope,
Alternative, Pattern and Duration (Mixed signal oscilloscope)
Adjustable trigger sensitivity
Pop-up menu makes it easy to read and easy to use
Build-in Chinese and English help system
Easy-to-use file system supports Chinese & English characters key-in
Accessories :
Two 1.5 meter, 1:1 10:1 switchable probes
Digital test set (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope only, DS1xxxD), include
A data line (Model: FC1868), An active logic head (Model: LH1116)
Twenty test wire (Model: LC1150),Twenty logic clips (Model: TC1100)
Power cord for country of destination
User's Manual, Warranty Card